Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pronounce your blog's name?
Like Sophie but with a Z

Are Zoe and Phoenix sisters/twins or related?
Truthfully, we do not know. What we do know is that they are about the same age and they came from the same small town. Klamath Falls, Oregon. I got Phoenix 14 months after Zoe. When I get this question I usually also let people know about littermate syndrome and why I don't generally recommend getting two puppies at the same time. Click on the link to read more information: Littermate Syndrome. Here's another really good article on Littermate Syndrome

Are they puppies?
Nope! At the time of this writing (9-12-2015) the girls are around 5 years old.  

What kind of dogs are they?
We don't know for sure. I believe they have strong sight hound and herding breed tendencies but who knows.

How big are they
Zoe is 18" at the shoulder and weighs right around 30lbs. Phoenix is 17" at the shoulder and weighs around 27-28lbs.

What is their favorite food/treats?
We are currently doing a rotational diet. That means I rotate different brands and proteins of high quality kibble, they also get some raw as well. They really enjoy this way of feeding! They also love any treat that would be considered real meat like chicken, steak or salmon. They absolutely love bully sticks and pigs ears. Both girls are foodies and love pretty much anything, though. Phoenix is a bit more food driven than Zoe and she will work for anything from kibble and charlie bears to steak with the same amount of enthusiasm. 

What is their favorite toy?
Phoenix loves toys. It doesn't matter what it is. One of her favorite toys is a "skinneeez dog toy" that looks like a fox. Zoe's favorite toy is a "real fur" bunny tug that we got at a dog show. She isn't as into toys as Phoenix is and I have to work much harder to motivate her to play. Zoe prefers playing with food puzzle toys and anything that belongs to me. She loves fetching my keys!

What is their favorite trick?
Zoe enjoys all of her tricks. I think her favorites would have to be "bang" because she gets the most attention for it. My favorite of Zoe's is "jump into my arms". Phoenix is still learning a lot of tricks. I don't think any of them are really "finished". I would say Phoenix really enjoys jumping tricks and showing off how athletic she is.     

How do I tell Zoe and Phoenix apart?
Zoe is bigger, has white on her legs and chest, she also has a ridge of fur growing the wrong way on her nose. Her face is more square. She is blonde in color. Phoenix does not have white legs. She is smaller and her face is more pointy. Phoenix is more red/tan in color. Her fur is darker and shorter than Zoe's. Phoenix's left ear also droops way down, especially when she's tired.

Zoe (left) & Phoenix (right)

Phoenix (right) & Zoe (left)

 Zoe (left) & Phoenix (right)


Phoenix (left) and Zoe (right)