Saturday, July 5, 2014

Heeling Platforms and Wobble Board!!

The girls and I are taking a couple of online Heel Work classes through The Fenzi Academy. I highly recommend their classes. They are awesome!

Anyways, I asked my husband to make me full platforms so that I would have something to engage their rear legs with and work on rear end/leg awareness. So my husband got to work on them and they are so cool! He even painted them pink and added shooting stars!

Also, as a surprise he made me a wobble board, too!! I have been wanting a wobble board for so long and I am really excited about it. It is his first try making one and it's not perfect so we are talking about making another but this one works for now.

A wobble board is used to teach the dog balance and for core-strengthening. Balance training is really useful for all sorts of things from body awareness and confidence to learning how to navigate a teeter in Agility training. They can also be used for targeting specific limbs for muscle strengthening.

I recently watched Pat Miller's Seminar dvds "Real Solutions for Canine Behavioral Problems" and someone was able to successfully cure their dog's car sickness by using a wobble board. I am thrilled to hear this and am excited about working with Phoenix on it because she has terrible motion sickness when we travel. I would also highly recommend a Tawzer Dog dvd subscription to anyone who wants to learn a ton about all things dog related. I am very happy with my subscription. They have multiple options starting at $10/month. Tawzer Dog Rental Program  

Teeter Agility Foundations Part 1 - Wobble Board Pam's Dog Academy
Wobble Board: Teeter Foundations Part 2  Pam's Dog Academy

We got the supplies to make another wobble board and I will have a DIY tutorial coming soon!!

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  1. Hi Lauren! Can you post pics of the bottom of the wobble board?! I'd love to see how you made it! So cool! Also, welcome to Blogosphere! --Champ's Mom ;)

    1. Hi ChampersandsTail!! :P I am going to be posting a full DIY Wobble Board Tutorial next week! Keep an eye out for it. :D


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