Friday, July 11, 2014

Phoenix learning to cross her paws in the "stand" position

I am working on a lot of tricks with Phoenix right now. She's finally getting to the point where she is learning things a little easier and quicker. When I first started training her she would shut down a lot and I believe she was fearful of getting it wrong, possibly left over from her previous owners. Today I am working on crossing her paws in the stand position. She actually learned to do this in a down by watching Zoe do it first. However, I did proof it with targeting. :) My cues are "cross" (cross your left paw over your right) and "switch" (cross your right paw over your left). My criteria is that she target the toy with her opposite foot and she has to touch the toy to get the click at this point in her training.

I do apologize for the video being a little dark and slightly out of frame. We been having to film a lot of stuff inside lately because it's been so hot.

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  1. Good girl, Phoenix! I've never thought about teaching it in a stand position - that's a great idea! I'll be using that.


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