Sunday, August 3, 2014

B&W Sunday - Races!

Yesterday we had the opportunity to go to the races! We saw whippets, italian greyhounds, ibizan hounds, afghan hounds and rhodesian ridgebacks! All the dogs were having such a great time and their people were so nice to us!

Zoe and Phoenix were so good!! They did get excited when they saw the lure and the dogs running by but they were really well behaved. Phoenix met lots of people and dogs and she did not react.. I had her on a harness the whole time and didn't even need to break out the gentle leader.

We met a bunch of puppies!! They were so cute!! I fell in love with the little brindle one! I wanted to bring her home so bad! Phoenix loved the puppies!

I'm sighthound obsessed. I've always loved them and I think they are so cute. We are hoping to add a whippet to our family in the next few years.

 The puppies!
 (even though Zoe has scary face, don't let the photo fool you. She was just excited to say hi to them)


These whippets were so funny! After the race was over they ran away from the "catchers" and just started playing. 

Naughty Ibizans ran away from their "catchers", too!! Ha!

The Girls having a good time watching!

I think both of my girls would like to do some sort of racing like this. Racing or Lure Coursing! I'm going to look into it.


  1. Great photos. I take it that the races aren't like dog races at the track. This looks like it was an event put on by lover of the greyhound breed. Especially, if the dogs can run and play afterword.

    1. Yep! All of these dogs have loving owners. It's just for fun! It's kind of like lure coursing but it's straight race.

  2. The girls have the best smiles! And oh my god, those little Whippet puppies are too precious. I love the Ridgebacks. They're one of my favorite breeds.

    1. Thanks!! :D We had so much fun! I really wanted the darker brindle girl... So bad... Oh well.. My time for a puppy will come. I like Ridgebacks, too but they are too big for me. :D


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