Friday, September 12, 2014

SnapLeash "Dog Leashes" Review

Hey everyone! Today I have a review and a giveaway for you! 

I've always been a huge fan of multi-use leashes. Recently I was sent a SnapLeash to try out. 

The SnapLeash comes in two different sizes: 5/8" x 6ft (for dogs 40lbs and under) and 1" x 6 ft (for dogs over 40lbs) and at the time of this writing they have three colors available: red, blue and black. 

We were sent a Red 5/8" SnapLeash. The shipping was so fast! We received our leash within two days. I also really liked how quickly the owner of the company responded to my questions. They have really awesome customer service.

The first thing I noticed about this leash is how light it is. We've tried similar leashes before like the Gripper Police Leash and one of my huge issues with them has been weight. Some of these leashes can be so heavy and stiff that they are uncomfortable to carry. Not the SnapLeash! This leash is light and flexable and made from high quality nylon and it is strong. It does not cut into your hand like some nylon leashes do. It has strategically placed grommets so you can adjust the leash for the length you need. It's really 7+ leashes in one.

There are a bunch of ways you can use the SnapLeash. You can use it as a tether or tie down with multiple lengths, as a regular 6ft walking leash, you can shorten it for training and you can use it in several ways to be hands free: around your waist, over your shoulder or clipped directly to your belt.

One of my favorite ways to use the leash is to attach one clip to the front of my dog's harness and one to the back, for better control.

You can also walk two dogs with one SnapLeash.

The original idea for this leash was to be used as a tie down and while we can't condone leaving your dog unattended in public, the leash has so many uses! The possibilities are endless.

I really like this leash for training. I can have one dog tethered while I work with the other one. Zoe tends to get a little grumpy if her training sessions are interrupted. I can safely and easily secure Phoenix so that if she does break her stay, she won't be bothering us while we are working.

Phoenix is patiently waiting for her turn to train.

The SnapLeash makes tethering so fast and easy!

As I mentioned above, the SnapLeash is very light weight. I occasionally use a Gentle Leader Head Collar with Phoenix during times when she may be reactive or I need more control over her and having a light weight, but sturdy leash is essential. It makes it so much more comfortable for her. She barely noticed that it was there. (Phoenix has been pre-conditioned to wearing a GL with Positive Reinforcement Training)

I really like this leash and am very happy with it! We will definitely be getting good use out of it for many years to come. It is so well made. 

ZoePhee gives it a 5 Star Rating! 

If you would like to purchase your own SnapLeash, I currently have a coupon code for 25% off and free shipping. The code is: AFF25

I was given a SnapLeash to review. I was not compensated monetarily by this company in any way, other than the gift of the leash. My opinion is my own and my reviews are always 100% honest. 

I am partnering with SnapLeash to bring you this giveaway! To enter our giveaway please follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter. This will be a random drawing. Unfortunately the giveaway is only open to the United Stated due to the cost of international shipping. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Upon winning you consent for me to contact you by email and for me to give your address to SnapLeash so they can directly ship you the prize. The winner picks the size and color of leash they would like. 

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  1. This leash is brilliant. Great giveaway!

  2. Great review! I agree that it's nice to find a lightweight multi purpose lead; I've had some that weigh practically half as much as the dogs!

    1. Thanks!! Yeah, a few I've tried have been really heavy! Vince refuses to use the Gripper when we go somewhere because it's so heavy and uncomfortable.

  3. I prefer leather leashes but this one looks interesting. And I agree with Amanda, so many leashes have really heavy clips.

  4. UGH! U.S only! This product looks so cool!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

    1. Yeah, sorry about that! I can't afford to pay for international shipping and didn't want to make the person who wins pay either.

  5. This looks really useful! But is it comfortable to hold in spots where there are grommets?

    1. I didn't even notice they were there, tbh! It is just like holding a normal leash, just a bit bumpier! :-)

  6. We really like our SnapLeash too! Great review!

  7. I haven't tried the Snap Leash but it looks great, you did a great review now I'm anxious to get one for myself.


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