Friday, October 17, 2014

Petbox Review

Petbox is a monthly subscription delivery service that offers a selection of different products for your dog or cat. They are led by a team of animal lovers who spend a lot of time picking out all natural, premium products. Their main emphasis is on health and well being. They also feed a shelter animal for every box sent! I think that's amazing.

The company offers a variety of different monthly plans and are moderately priced.

I love the idea of a monthly subscription box. I've mentioned before that the nearest pet store is almost an hour away and that we only have one car right now. Having products shipped right to my door is extremely convenient. 

You can pick your own products for a customized box, or allow the PetBox team to surprise you. I was sent a surprise box.

This is what we received:
  • Bark Bio-degradable Poop Bags. I think it's awesome these poop bags are bio-degradable and I'm very happy we got them. I was running out of the other ones we use and these rolls fit really well in my bait bag. I used some of them last weekend when we were in Portland and they were great!

  • Evanger's Grain Free Chicken Wet Dog Food. This is their holistic formula. It only has four ingredients: Chicken, Chicken Broth, Liver and Guar Gum. It was made in the USA and there are no preservatives, no artificial colors and no grain. It's also considered Kosher. I like to use wet dog food to stuff kongs so I will definitely be using this!

  • Bionic Bones Nutrient Water. This one is a new concept for me but I think it's cool. The idea for this product came when the owner of the company couldn't get her dog to take his supplements. So they invented a tasty water with the supplements in it. The ingredients are: Water, Natural Chicken Flavor, Glucosamine Hydrochloride (contains shellfish byproduct) and Chondroitin Sulfate. It has 1,000mg of Glucosamine, 105mg of Chondroitin and the whole thing is 12 calories. There are no preservatives in it and it needs to be refrigerated after opening it. I actually dropped the jar and it did not break open and nothing spilled out which was awesome. My dogs really liked it and I would buy this again.  
Warning this product contains shellfish. So if you're allergic you may want to steer clear.

  • Pet Safe Lawn Protector. This is a pouch that you add to your pet's drinking water once a month to help prevent lawn burns. It's also supposed to filter your pet's water, too. I actually don't have a lawn but we have a neighbor who does and we will be giving this to them. I'm sure they will find it useful. 

  • Petz Info QR ID Tag. With this one you create a profile for your pet online and if your pet goes missing, their tag can be scanned with any smartphone and your information pops up. This is a pretty neat concept and I like it. I will probably use it on one of my cat's collars. 

  • Loving Pets: It's Purely Natural Chicken Jerky. The girls were very excited about these treats and with their all natural ingredients, so was I. The ingredients include: Chicken, Brown Rice Flour, Honey, Garlic, Sea Salt, Rosemary and Preserved with Mixed Tocopherols. They do not contain wheat, glycerin, soy or gluten. There are no additives, by-products or fillers and they are made in the USA. The name is a little misleading, they don't really have a jerky-like consistency. They are more like a freeze dried biscuit. They break apart easily and are not super crumbly. They are fantastic and I would definitely buy them. I used them last weekend for some recall training.

Overall I am very happy with PetBox and we had a lot of fun opening and learning about the products. I highly recommend their service! Right now I have a coupon code for you so you can get 10% off your first PetBox! Just enter ZOEPHEE when you check out!

Disclosure: We were provided a free Petbox in exchange for an honest review. Petbox is not responsible for the content of this blog post. My reviews are always 100% honest and my opinion is my own. 



  1. Pet box looks great!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  2. Love PetBox! We find such great products :)

  3. PetBox is always welcome at our house! ☺ Thanks for hopping on the Pet Parade.


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