Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Fruitables Vanilla Snowflake Treats Review

Hey everyone! I hope you're all having an awesome Tasty Tuesday! Today I have a review for you on the new limited edition "Vanilla Snowflake" treats (made with real Snowflakes!!) from fruitables!  

Fruitables is owned by Vetscience LLC, a Dallas based pet food company founded by veterinarians and nutritionists! All of their products are sourced from and made in the USA! Combining aroma, taste and texture, Fruitables treats and holistic supplements use fruits and vegetables to create an amazing sensory experience for pets. Boasting “superfood” ingredients like pumpkin, sweet potatoes and blueberries, every Fruitables bite is healthy and beneficial.

The ingredients include: Pumpkin Granola (Oats, Barley, Brown Rice, Pumpkin Honey), Vanilla Greek Yogurt, Snowflakes, Sunflower Oil, Natural Flavor, Vanilla and Mixed Tocopherols (to preserve freshness). 

The treats do not contain any wheat, corn, soy or other artificial ingredients.

Fruitables Snowflake Dog Treats from Fruitables on Vimeo.

To make these novelty holiday treats, Fruitables combines a snowball’s worth of real, fresh high altitude snow with their pumpkin granola and yogurt recipe. The finished product is both satisfyingly crunchy and creamy. The treats break apart easily and only have minimal crumbling. They are only 8 calories per treat so you can indulge your dog without worrying about winter weight gain! 

You all know how concerned I am about Zoe and Phoenix's weight. It's nice to have some treats around that are lower in calories but that they still love and get excited over.  



 Even though these treats are intended for dogs, Pandora was interested in them, too!

These treats smell fantastic, like a vanilla cookie, and would be awesome for any pet parents who are highly sensitive to smells and don't like some of those more stinky treats. The smell did not cling to my skin, either. 

Both, Zoe and Phoenix really enjoyed these treats and our cats liked them, too! I think they would make a fantastic stocking stuffer for any dog and I would highly recommend checking them out! They should be available at your local big box pet stores and they are also available online but are limited edition for the Holidays. The treats are very reasonably priced and you get a lot of them (around 90 per 7oz. bag)! I would totally get these again. 

ZoePhee was provided a bag of fruitables Snowflake treats to try in exchange for an honest review. I was not monetarily compensated in any way and I only share information with my readers that I feel is relevant. As always, my reviews are 100% honest and fruitables is not responsible for the content of this blog post. 


  1. Aww, seem's like goodies! Sad that in Estonia we do not have this kind of awesome treats :)

  2. Looks like you're gonna need a bigger stocking for all your goodies! ;)

  3. I have seen these on a few different blogs lately, and they are SO cool!!!! My huskies would just love these!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  4. Those are cool! I still find the snowflake thing funny, LOL!

  5. Aren't these treats great? I hope people can find them. They were a big hit here.


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