Saturday, December 27, 2014

Zoo Lights!!!

So this is my first non-dog centered post! Sorry everyone!! I promise we will get back to the girls tomorrow!

I've been trying to talk my husband into going to Zoo Lights for a long time and he finally gave in!! We decided to go a couple of hours early so I could also get some photos of the animals.

So here are my favorite photos from the day! I took all of these photos in manual with no flash.

Amur Tiger

 Amur Leopard 

 African Lions, Mom & Cubs

 Sumatran Orangutan

 Colobus Monkey

Cotton Top Tamarin

 Bat (sorry!! I didn't get the species name)

 More Bats, they were so cool!

California Condor

 California Condor, this guy was following my husband around!

Now onto the Zoo Lights photos!! I couldn't believe how many people came out to Zoo Lights! The zoo was packed and as we were leaving the traffic was insane, coming in and going out!

We had so much fun. It was an awesome few days for me! 

Happy Saturday everyone!! See you tomorrow!


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