Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sisters on Saturday!

I found this interesting tree down by the river at the park we go to and had the girls pose with it! Off to the right is the river! Last week, this tree was in the river!


  1. Yikes! The river was way up there if that tree was in the river last week. Its so much fun to see where you can get the dogs to pose for pictures.

    1. Yeah, the rainforest is sort of flooded at the moment! I love posing them in weird places. :D

  2. lovely backdrop, their coloring looks gorgeous in that photo

  3. Good girls posing so well! I could say "I wish my dogs would do that" but it's my fault they don't because I haven't trained them to :) Love the new spring colours for your blog! The only 'but' for me is the beautiful background photo. On my 24" monitor the photo starts again on the right hand side which spoils the look. I could make my browser window smaller but that kind of defeats the purpose of having a 24" monitor :) Is there a way you can centre the photo instead of having it tiled?

  4. Cute! Love the new spring background too!


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