Friday, July 17, 2015

Swimming and Running! Fit Dog Friday

I can't believe I got the toy in there, too!

This week we've been doing a ton of swimming. The trail to get to the river is about a mile and the dogs run free all the way to the river so they've been doing some running and bunny hunting as well.

We've gotten Phoenix completely off of the sticks and onto water toys. My husband bought her a boomerang that floats and she loves it! She still loves a good stick, but toys are so much safer to use.

Phoenix had a 100% retrieval rate on the toy but she didn't always bring it back to us. If we don't catch her as she's coming in she will run around and drop it somewhere on the beach. I really need to work on her retrieve to the hand more.

"You didn't need this toy back, right mom?"

I had my husband throw the toy across a few times so I could get some "cross body" shots. I love this one. It shows off how fit Phoenix really is.

Phoenix is pretty smart! She figured out that if she can't touch the bottom with all four paws, she might be able to touch the bottom with her back feet and she can stand up like a person. This little trick does not help her to swim straight, though!

She ends up swimming with her front paws coming up high out of the water (causing her butt to sink) and splashing around when she gets to the part where she can't touch the bottom. If we throw the toy far enough she gets into her groove and swims more straight.

Here's a good one of her actually swimming properly! Once she gets into it she does really well.

Her nails are slightly longer than usual but not as long as this photo makes them look!!

We even got Zoe into the water a couple of times. She wasn't that happy about it and preferred wandering around on the beach. We are working with her to get her into the water more!

Every once in a while they would get zoomies on the beach after being in the water. I love watching them run!

We had an awesome time at the river this week as a whole family. My husband swam and the dogs and I had fun playing. I'm going to be so sad when winter comes and it's too cold to play in the water. It was a blast!


  1. You have some of the best exercised dogs around! Wish my guys could have all the fun yours are having!

  2. It sure looks like a lot of fun. You're lucky to have such a great swimming hole so close by.

  3. Water exercise is some of the best exercise! Plus, it looks like you had tons of fun!

  4. What a great opportunity for some exercise. I love seeing dogs that are so obviously well cared for and loved.

  5. We love your photos! The girls do look pretty darn good!

  6. Will they be trying out for swimming events in the summer olympics? Beach dogs running and swimming is so much fun to watch!

  7. Swimming and running are two awesome things!

  8. Some great action! We already went running so we will tell mom we need to go swimming!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. LOL she looked like she had duck webbed feet in that one photo, I love it!!!! Signs of a great swimmer!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  10. I'm with Zoe I prefer the beach! But Phoenix swam beautifully you have to admit it and I don't like to return things either. Love Dolly

  11. I love seeing waistlines in dogs! Nice job on keeping your pups fit :-) I would love to have your swimming opportunity nearby our place. Missy would have such a blast ~ she loves to swim & splash around.

  12. That looks so fun! Both of your girls are so gorgeous. Nala is learning to swim this summer, too--I love how surprised she still looks at herself when she does it!

  13. Such great pictures! I love seeing how much fun they're having.


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