Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Wellness "TruFood" Review

Happy Tasty Tuesday everyone! We were recently sent a care package from Wellness Pet Food and I am so excited to tell you about it! We were sent a few items from their Trufood line! TruFood is their newest formula of  food and treats. All of the tasty products in this line are slow baked in small batches and have 70% more raw protein than typical dry food and treats!

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Adult - Lamb, Chickpeas & Turkey Liver Recipe

Wellness combines lamb, turkey hearts and livers and fiber-rich chickpeas with antioxidant-rich superfoods like beets, blueberries and real air-dried fruits and vegetables for this grain-free dog food. Wholesome sources of Omega fatty acids like chicken fat and flaxseed can support joint health and a beautiful coat.

  • Carefully blended, nutrient-dense whole foods
  • No meat by-products, potato, wheat, corn or soy fillers or artificial colors, preservatives and flavors
  • Slow baked in small batches for 70% more raw protein than typical kibble diets
  • Contains probiotics, coconut oil, chia seeds and other ingredients such as turmeric, ginger and parsley to promote healthy digestion and overall vitality

The girls really enjoyed trying the dry food! They were both very enthusiastic about eating it and they did not have any tummy issues. I really like that it's slow baked in small batches. Slow baking helps to retain the vitamins and minerals and making it in small batches is helpful for quality control. I also really liked the seal on this packaging. I've never encountered a food before that had a velcro sort of seal on the bag. It definitely made my life easier! No fighting with the bag to get it closed!

CocoChia Bakes - with Lamb, Purple Carrot and Coconut Oil

Wellness make super delicious superfood snacks with tasty, healthy Living Nutrition™ like hearty lamb, turkey hearts and livers and sweet, antioxidant-rich purple carrots. Wellness packs TruFood CocoChia Bakes with coconut oil and chia seeds that can support skin, coat and joint health.

  • Slow-baked for more raw protein
  • Naturally colored by purple carrots and other superfoods with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
  • 100% natural dog treats
  • Grain-free and wheat-free

The girls absolutely loved the CocoChia treats they got! These are a small biscuit type treat. They are bite size and perfect for the girls! Finding dog treats that they love, that are also healthy and good for them can be tough so I'm glad we were able to try these! They were definitely a hit and I would get them again! 

TruFood Tasty Pairings Wet Food - Pumpkin, Lamb & Duck, Chicken, Carrots & Duck

Wellness makes TruFood wet dog food from whole-prey proteins like: chicken, lamb, salmon, cod, beef and duck. It’s just delicious diced proteins and vegetables and is grain free! The food contains 70% more raw protein than similar wet foods and is full of vitamins and antioxidants. 

  • Contains pure protein and antioxidant-rich superfoods
  • No wheat, corn or soy fillers
  • No meat by-products or artificial preservatives, colors or flavors
  • Easy-open cup makes plating exciting for dogs

Pumpkin Lamb & Duck

Chicken Carrots & Duck

The girls were so excited when I opened these packets of food and they really enjoyed them! I liked that you could actually see the real meat and vegetables in it! The only downside to this wet food is that you have to feed 3 containers per 6lbs of body weight if you were to just feed wet food. That might be okay for a small dog but it would get really expensive for a big dog. So what I did was mix their TruFood dry food that they got with it. The girls liked it so much, that I would get these again and just mix it like I did. Or I might try putting them in food tube for training. 

 We were very happy with all of the things we got from Wellness and I would recommend checking out their TruFood! 

We received our items from Wellness in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Wellness is not responsible for the content of this blog post.



  1. Fabulous review guys! Looks like a good food!

  2. We haven't had their food, but we love their treats! Yummy stuff!

  3. Love your photography! (And your models!)

  4. SUGAR loves the TREATS!!! Interesting combo ingredients and love the small size. Happy tasty Tuesday. Golden Woofs

  5. I've been hearing great things about this! I might grab a bag for Nola, but damn is it expensive! Great review. :D

  6. They are so good at sharing! I picked up a few free samples of trufood at their truck awhile back. They also had the cutest carrot squeaky toys. I still haven't offered Chewy the food yet, though. Sounds like he's gonna love it!

  7. I love Wellness products. If we're looking for a new food, I'll keep this in mind!

  8. They have super yummy things! We love Wellness TruFoods here.


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