Monday, October 19, 2015

Chicken Nuggets

We've always wondered where chicken nuggets come from! Zoe thinks she might have found out where they come from when we were at Pet Expo! Do you see it?

Possibly a live "chicken nugget"

Yep! You guessed it right. Zoe found the parrots!

We did tell her that parrots are not for eating!

Has your dog ever had an encounter with a different species they weren't familiar with? 
How did it go?


  1. I live with a Blue-Fronted Amazon Parrot. I am not sure that is where chicken nuggets come from but I can tell you he does share some of his treats with me! BOL

  2. The last time we were at the pet store a large snake took a real interest in us and vice versa. The clerk suggested that the snake was looking for a pack to belong to. I ignored him.

  3. Shasta is just learning what cows are since moving to central CA.

  4. Mr. N was play bowing towards Leo, the Cascadian Nomads' bird. I'm not entirely sure if his intentions were benign.

  5. Dante met a horse for the first time a couple years ago, he completely flipped his lid! I don't know if he wanted to play with it or was freaked out by the GIANT DOG but i had to drag him out of the situation for fear of the horse injuring its rider.

  6. Boca is very interested in birds - the other day there was a tree full of blackbirds trilling and Boca didn't want to leave the tree!

  7. With a little plum sauce, Hailey thinks those would be great nuggets!

  8. LOL! My dogs have grown up with chickens, and while Pike will herd them if you let him and Olivia wants to kill them all, Nola's good with them. They're all scared of Finn, the cockatiel, cause he'll scream at them if they pester him! It's really funny.

  9. Love her face! :) Pet Expo sounds fun! ;) Happy is always so interested in other animals. Birds are one of his favorite! <3

  10. Dear Zoe,

    I learned the craziest thing the other day... Did you know that eggs come from chickens??? Both of these things are yummy for eating, but one makes the other. But the egg also makes the chicken too! How does this work???

    I met a pig once, through a fence. I did lots of creeping forward to sniff, and then when he sniffed me I jumped back. It was weird. I also met guinea pigs, and those were much more interesting to watch!

    Did you get to take the parrot home? I hear they are very smart and can do tricks like Dogs can! (But I'll believe that when I see it.)


  11. That's too funny!

    Our first dog seemed convinced that little tiny dogs were actually squirrels. It scared us that he might hurt one someday. We didn't know any for him to "meet" and get to know. Fortunately, nothing bad came of it, mainly because we kept him under tight control around little dogs.

  12. The boys have not really experienced a different species up close and personal. Unless you count squirrels in which case, they are not fans. BOL!

  13. Hahahaha!!! Too cute!! One day the huskies and I walked outside to go have a pee, and there was a darn Beaver in my yard!!! they were terrified of it hahahaha!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!


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