Friday, October 30, 2015

Racing Through The Leaves!

We are finally getting some Fall weather! I know I've been sort of wishy washy about Fall. We'd get a cooler day and then it would go right back to being sunny and weird. The leaves are actually starting to turn and fall!

Phoenix had been sore in her hip after running around at Thousand Acres two weeks ago. So we did take some time off from going to that park for free running. Any number of things could of caused the soreness, she probably did something dumb out there. I decided to rest her at home and watch her. She was actually fine the next day after being sore but we took some time off anyways. This was the first time we've been there since she was sore and she was very happy to be there!

Zoe was pretty excited about being able to run around, too! She liked playing in the leaves. We did a shorter loop than usual. I'm hoping to slowly go back to doing the 4-5 miles we had been doing.

Happy Fit Dog Friday everyone!


  1. Sorry to hear that Phoenix was sore. Glad she is feeling better.

  2. Playing in the leaves is always so much fun! Mom likes to rake up a pile for us to play in too. The smell in the leaves with all the critter scent is great too. Hope you get back out there this weekend.

  3. It's always great to get out after an enforced rest. Glad she's doing better.

  4. Such cute pictures! We've been loving all of the leaves, too :)

  5. Great fall pictures! I love this weather!

  6. Every time I see pics or read about 1000 Acres, I get jealous.

    Zoe and Phee look so pretty in the leaves. They're almost like little scurrying leaves themselves.

  7. Hi hi hi! Ojo here! Whoo-hoo, I LOVE running in the leaves! Pheonix, I am glad that your hip is better because running is very important!

    I have a confession... I caught a bunny today. And I ate it. And then I could not run. I had to walk through the leaves, because I was very round and heavy. But it was worth it.

    1. Oh gosh! Zoe and Phee are so jealous! They've been trying so hard to catch a bunny!

  8. You are lucky to have some leaves to play in! Today was rainy, cloudy, and stormy O.o

  9. They look so happy! Glad her hip's feeling better.

  10. Glad to hear Phoenix is on the mend. Looks like they had a ball!

  11. I love your action shots. The girls always look so happy!


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