Saturday, November 28, 2015

Small Business Saturday with Dog Coats from Made By De!

I love supporting small businesses whenever I can and since today is Small Business Saturday, I figured I'd share one of my favorites: Coats Mady By De!  De makes custom coats to fit any size dog and she is amazing to work with. I would highly recommend checking out her store! You can also check out her blog, Aussies In Charge

Zoe and Phoenix love their coats from De and they stay nice and warm!

You can see our review on these coats by going here: Winter Is Coming!

Do you have any favorite small businesses?


  1. I love supporting small businesses. I try to buy fro individuals rather than the major box stores whenever possible.

  2. I love, love, love the girls' coats! I'll be getting Roxie one from her once she's done filling out. I supported small businesses today by buying two Paco collars. :p

  3. It's definitely on my Christmas wish list to get one of these coats for Luke!

  4. I love coats made by De. Fantastic products! I am also quite fond of my small business! hahaha!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!


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