Sunday, January 17, 2016


It's really rare that I capture Phoenix looking at something else. On this day, there was another hiker and a dog coming our way. Phoenix has to keep an eye on other dogs because they could be big and scary. Usually she will stare right into the camera for me!

The colored version is too pretty to not share. :D

 Do your dogs like to pose for the camera?

Also, I just signed up for a snapchat account and it's "ZoePheeDogs" if anyone wants to follow us. 
I'm using it as a "behind the scenes" sort of thing. :)


  1. Very focused. I too love to pose for the camera, but if I hear something, I have to always check it out. We are not on snapchat. There are so many places to be, that isn't one of them for us right now at least.

  2. Gorgeous! And I love the pop of color on her eye in the black and white. Nice!! My guys are ALWAYS posing for the camera.

  3. Great shot! I love that you left the color of her eye showing. So beautifully done.

  4. What a great shot. She's a pretty girl indeed.

    When we had Little Bit she would pose for the camera. We miss her so.

    Have a woof woof day you two. My best to your wonderful mom. ☺

  5. Sometimes the camera is not the most important thing around! However, in the case of our two girls, it is never the most important thing! Luke is the only one that really likes to pose.
    Beautiful photo, BTW, sometimes it can be a good thing when they're not looking directly at the camera!

  6. Honey really hates having her picture taken. I'm thinking that I should really spend some time working on making it more fun for her.

    BTW, Phoenix's profile would make a lovely cameo. :)

  7. She's so pretty! Her head looks really sighthound-ish in this pic. You know Nola's a complete ham. I'll have to look into starting a SnapChat!

  8. I like this side profile, she looks beautiful! Phoebe is laser focused for photos because treats are involved. My Husky, Icy, not so much!

  9. I actually love when the dogs don't look at the camera so that's a fabulous photo!!!! She is such a pretty dog.

  10. Crikey Phoenix is a good lookin' Sheila. I'm good at having my photo taken but then I am a bit of a poser!!!!

  11. Beautiful pose, looking so intense and alert.


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