Friday, February 5, 2016

Phoenix can Frisbee Flip!

Over the past week or so, I was finally able to teach Phoenix to "frisbee flip"! This was a trick I've been hoping to get for a very long time! I'm really happy that Phoenix is enjoying it so much. In addition to playing some disc games, like flipping and vaulting we've also done quite a bit of fetch this week, too!

I also managed to get some video so everyone can see what it looks like! 

Phoenix is so fun! I just love working with her. She's always up for anything I want to do and she's the coolest dog ever. We had a very good week for canine fitness and tricks, too!


  1. Those airborne shots are hilarious, she looks like someone tossed her out there and all that with her coat on! So glad you two have activities you enjoy doing so much.

  2. Good job! She gets up there pretty good for it!

  3. Nice job! Phoenix makes a beautiful frisbee dog.

    I've had trouble getting Honey interested in a frisbee. But I see you're using a soft one. Maybe that's my problem.

  4. She is so athletic! Love this!

  5. She's a star!!! She is so graceful and agile!

    Just one note of caution, our first Lab was crazy for frisbees, and he temporarily paralyzed his hind end on a "frisbee flip" (he appeared to have executed it just fine). After super strong IV anti-inflammatories in the hospital, he recovered all his strength and mobility but we never played frisbee with our dogs again. I do know that lots of dogs play frisbee with no problems whatsoever, and probably a smaller dog like Phoenix falls into that category. So, I hope you two have lots of fun with it! Perhaps the key is not too much of it at a time.

    Phoenix is an amazing dog!

    1. Thanks for the warning, KB! I make sure that I stretch her and I warm her up and cool her down after. I only play frisbee with her 2-3 days a week and I only do about 5-6 flips on each side. :)

  6. Dear Pheonix,

    You are AMAZING! (Ojo says that looks like fun, but my old body couldn't handle that. So pawesome that yours can!!)


  7. She's so talented. You've trained her well. You should be proud of her and you too.

    Have a fabulous day. Tons of scritches to the girls. ☺

  8. ooooh,phoenix is very cool...respekt 4 him! :*

    best wishes, luana

  9. Very impressive! You can really see how much fun she is having too. I love how her tail starts wagging away when she's waiting for you to throw it.

  10. She has springs for legs! Disc is so much fun to watch.

  11. She could be fun to do Disc Dog with! Pike's favorite thing is frisbee flips. :D Great job!

  12. Great job... and awesome in slo mo!

  13. I don't know what is more impressive, the amazing action photos or your ability jump so high! :)

  14. That is so cool! Phoenix really is such a cool dog! ♥

  15. Amazing video! Phoenix is so smart and talented! Great job!<3


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