Monday, March 28, 2016

New "Dog" Bed!

Last week we had an unfortunate incident where one of my cats decided to pee on our nicest dog bed. I was less than than thrilled about that as you can imagine. It was a nice bed, bolster sides and no matter how much enzymatic cleaner I used, I could not get the smell out. So we ended up throwing that bed away and the dogs needed a new bed.

We had been looking at beds but they were all expensive and had very little padding. So my husband had this great idea to get a kid's mattress! We found this Sealy mattress at Walmart for $60, basically the same price as a large dog bed. It's completely waterproof and it's just like our bed!

The girls really like this mattress! It's large enough that they both fit on it with room to spare, which is awesome because Zoe can be guardy sometimes about he space. It's got a lot of cushion and they are super comfortable! It was a pretty good buy, too! I'm really happy with it!

Do you like your dog's beds? What sort of beds do you have?


  1. We have all kinds of beds, but Bailie and I tend to like the cuddle beds the best. Katie has always preferred sleeping on the hard floor which is a bummer since a nice bed would help her joints. Enjoy your new bed and don't let the cat near it. Darn cats!

  2. Awww, so adorable. I linked this post to Awww Mondays.

    What a brilliant way to same some money and get more bang for your buck. Brilliant.

    Have a woof woof day you two. My best to your smart peeps. ☺

  3. I have way too many dog beds for my tiny house. We have two costco donut beds that are Koira's favorite bed of all time (and I sent a third one of those beds with Pallo to his new place). Also have a big flat costco bed with low bolster sides in Koira's big crate, and a standard oval bed with sides. Not to mention the stack of fleece crate mats, and Koira's memory foam crate mat. Oh, and a flat bed that goes in the car for when Koira is hanging out loose in there.

  4. oh my- good thing it's waterproof! Your doggies look quite happy too!

  5. I have said the next time the dogs need a bed that is what I am going to do. Glad it worked out!

  6. That is pretty darned clever!!!! Great idea! Now, let's hope your kitty doesn't develop a fondness for it! DakotasDen

  7. That's a great idea! Barley's in need of a new bed--and I have an idea of what kind of bed I'd like her to have, but all of the ones I've found that are big enough are ridiculously expensive. We might have to steal this idea if I don't find what I want!

  8. that's fantastic!!! I need one :) we have a "dog room" and I know my three would love it! such a great idea and super awesome job finding such a sweet deal on the mattress.

  9. Great idea! We have found some nice beds at Costco. We have two of the big rectangular ones that we can lay on together. Then we have individual ones in the bedroom and in the trailer. Most beds seem to be made with cheap fabric and thin padding but Costco offers a real value.

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  10. Such a good idea! It looks like your girls love it. I'd love to do this for my dogs someday. We don't really have the space for it at the moment. My boys do have their own couch though, which I guess has turned into Kitsune's couch since he's really the only one who sleeps on it.

  11. That's a great idea!

    We have a decade-old (still in pretty good shape, though the cushion is a wee bit flattened at this point) LL Bean dog bed and...that's it. Lilo prefers the couch or my actual bed. I'll probably get another nice bed when the second dog happens, but I may be the one who ends up sleeping in it, lol!

  12. My parents' have always used crib mattresses for their Mastiffs! I remember being a kid and sleeping on them with the dogs. If I had a house with more space I'd probably try that, too.

    I have...4 dog beds, I think. One big rectangle bed, a small square bed with high sides, a BunBed for Nola's crate (for whatever reason, it's the only thing she won't destroy), and a pale blue cushion in the living room. Pike doesn't like beds in his crate, so he has a blanket in there. I'm also getting a round Molly Mutt soon. I'm kinda obsessed with dog beds, haha.

  13. Aww, I love that photo of them cuddling on the bed, it's so precious! We've gone through a lot of dog beds, mainly because my Husky has ripped a bunch of them up - Grrrr! We get tired of spending a fortune on beds so we sometimes buy them very discounted at Marshall's and other discount stores. It doesn't feel so bad when she rips up a really nice $50 bed we got for $15!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them


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