Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Orange Summit Parka Dog Coat by Hurrta Review!

Keep Your Dog Warm, Dry & Visible with the new Orange "high viz" Summit Parka! 

The new "high viz" Orange Summit Parka Dog Coat is finally in the US! Hurtta is an amazing company that offers outdoor gear and coats for dogs. They are one of my most favorite companies to work with and we were so excited when they asked us to review the new orange parka! We've reviewed the Summit Parka in the past and it was our very first experience with dog coats from Hurtta. The Summit Parka is still one of my most favorite coats that we've tried!

Zoe and Phoenix spend a lot of time running in forests, fields and rivers. We love to hike and be outdoors but this time of year can be difficult with it being cold and rainy. My dogs do not appreciate being cold or wet. It can also be scary out there with all the hunters roaming around. Keeping my dogs warm, dry and safe is paramount. I have to make sure my dogs are completely visible and I'm so glad that Hurtta has come out with my favorite coat in a bright "hunters safety" high viz orange. 

My husband is also a huge fan of these orange coats, he feels like they are easy to put on and he likes the color. My husband does gets a little tired of all the pink stuff I choose for them and he prefers more gender neutral colors on them when he walks or hikes with them.

The Orange Summit Parka has all the same great features of Hurtta coats, it protects your dog's most important muscle groups, it protects their chest and sensitive abdomen area. The coat has a neck cover for added warmth and protection. The design of the front leg holes for added protection. The coat features a re-closeable opening on the back to feed a leash through to a harness (on sizes 12"-35"). The two smallest sizes has an integrated harness (on sizes 8" and 10"). My favorite feature on the Summit Parka has to be the adjustable back length. There are drawstrings that help you to shorten the coat to the perfect length to fit your dog, even if your dog is in between sizes, as my dogs generally are. 

The coats are made with Houndtex laminated outdoor fabrics. That means that the jackets are smoother, softer and quieter than many other jackets. This really improves the comfort of the jackets and is helpful for dogs who are not used to wearing clothing. The inside of the coat is a soft fleece lining and between the fleece and Hountex outer shell there is a thick insulating layer. These coats are definitely designed to keep your pooch warm on cold winter walks or on frigid morning playing ball on our northern coast! These coats are light weight and really promote freedom of movement, my dogs were able to jump, run and wrestle as if they weren't wearing anything at all.

 These coats are water proof, dirt resistant, machine washable and feature high visibility 3M reflectors!

We've tested these coats in pouring rain, in the forest, in the snow and on our super cold, northwest coastal beaches. The Summit Parka is a fantastic, versatile coat. It keeps my dogs warm, dry, clean and safe with the highly visible colors and 3M reflectors. The coat is easy to put on the dogs, has great coverage, the convenient opening to attach the leash is very helpful. We are visible and safe when we walk at night or sharing the forest with hunters. The parkas are generally the first coat I pick up and pack when we take the girls on trips. 

The Summit Parka is still my favorite coat from the Hurtta line. I always recommend this coat to all of my friends and I would highly recommend you all check it out too! You can also follow Hurtta on facebook as they often run their own contests and giveaways!

If you would like to see some Hurtta coats in action check out our video: Snow Day for Zoe and Phee! (Review on the Extreme Warmer coming soon!) 

ZoePhee was provided with Summit Parkas in exchange for an honest review. We were not monetarily compensated and all opinions are my own. Hurtta is not responsible for the content in this blog post.


  1. Wow, that coat looks like it would stand up to winter!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. Wow, those are very pretty photos! We are glad the coats are good! It looks like you have thinner fur than me and it would be sad if it was too cold to go outside! Hurray for warm coats so you can still go outside!


  3. Love the photos and wow those coats look great!! We've never tried hurrta coats, I wonder how they would fit bully breeds. :-)

  4. I think the dogs will definitely need these when we move! I like that the back length is adjustable - Nola tends to be hard with that, and what fits her in the chest is usually too long in the back.

  5. Our Summit parka is still my favorite for Luke in the really cold and snowy weather. It gives so much coverage! But orange would be even more awesome! We're already getting harsh winter weather here, and hunting season is still going on. I'd love to have this bright coat for him too.


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