Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Zoe Can't Catch!

Zoe hates catching treats. She usually ducks! 

At least she tried this time!


  1. Love the look on her face for the first picture.

  2. Humphrey isn't good at catching treats, either. Usually, the treats bounce off his heads, then he chases them down!

  3. Jess: At least Zoe ducks! Mini will just sit there and let them hit her in between the eyes!

  4. That's too funny! This sometimes happens to Misha, but not because she won't catch. She's a Jack Russell and her exuberance sometimes gets the best of her. She jumps too soon and I end up hitting her in the head.

    Well, Zoe, the treats taste just as good if you catch them or not. LOL

  5. LOL! I taught my guys by using popcorn. It flies through the air much slower so they have time to learn where mouth and treat meet!

  6. "The things I have to do for treats!"


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