Friday, June 8, 2018

Beach, The Happiest Place On Earth!

Hi everyone! Long time, no write! I got really busy, then I got super sick and I lost some motivation to update the blog. I am planning on trying to update it more frequently and I apologize for our absence!

We recently took a much needed vacation at the beach. We spent three days playing fetch and exploring. It was glorious!

Zoe and Phoenix had so much fun. 

Phoenix is always so at peace when we go to the beach. Her peace is my peace. She wants to fetch her ball and play with us. She doesn't care about other dogs being around, she's not reactive at all. She's fearless and she's completely reliable off leash. 

Usually we have to keep Zoe on a leash when we are at the beach. She is so independent and has a tendency to wander too far. This trip we were able to let her off the leash more often and she had a great time running around! She even brought back a few balls!

The beach is definitely our happy place. We always have a great time and I really miss it when we leave. All I want to do is go back!

Do you have a favorite place you go with your dogs?


  1. Crikey ..... the beach is my happy place too. You sure had a good time, aye?? AND your Mum took some GREAT photos. I've been missing too but I'm trying to be here a bit more often.

  2. Glad you're back on your feet. We missed you all! Hooray for beach time!

    Chris from Boise

  3. Great photos (I hope that you put that first one on your wall!!!)!!! I can tell what a wonderful time you had from your photos. Welcome back!

  4. so happy to see you around and your photos are gorgeous! Especially the first one, hoping you are feeling well now!

  5. Science shows that being at the shore affects the human brain positively. I wonder if someday they'll find the same thing for dogs?


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