Monday, April 1, 2019

Alice ~ 8 Weeks Home ~ Update

Alice has been in our home for 8 weeks! It's crazy how time just flies by. I'm happy to report she's doing really well! She's still settling in but we've made a lot of progress in so many areas.

The most important thing that's happened so far is that Zoe has accepted Alice into her life. Zoe has been without the basket muzzle since last month. They are doing really well coexisting. I've been allowing really short play sessions. Zoe and Alice Interacting  Zoe is 30lbs, twice Alice's size and she likes to play pretty rough which isn't really reciprocal. It's a little intimidating for Alice, especially since Zoe has been snarky and crabby with her up until a few weeks ago. I still separate Zoe out when Alice and Phoenix are playing because they are both twice her size and I don't want them ganging up on her.

She's also started taking naps all by herself during the day. The first 6 weeks she wouldn't rest on her own without being put into her crate and being "forced" to take a break.  

Last week Alice went on her first official hiking trip. Up until this trip, we had been going to our quiet little spot at the pond for walks and training. This was the first time we took her to a busier place where there would be more dogs. She did really well. I didn't see any reactive behavior, she did get a little excited when a reactive dog passed us and was whining at us but she didn't react back at the dog. 

We've been working on a few tricks, too! She's learning to sit pretty, fetch, roll over and spin. I'm also working on position changes sit to stand to down, etc. She's so smart! 


So far our only real challenge has been potty training and bare with me because it's not what you think. When she was at the rescue, they have volunteers coming in all day, every day and walking the dogs. Previously to that, she was found on the street, so I doubt she was ever taught to potty in one spot. So I've had a hard time convincing Alice that she can go outside and just potty without going for a walk. She doesn't really like pottying in our yard and will hold it forever. I take her out on a long line and she has to share the yard with my neighbors because we live in a townhouse but she's got about a quarter of an acre to roam and find a spot. Often she will try to go to the street, strain against the leash and cry for a walk. I've been working hard on sticking with it so that she learns to go in our yard. It's been tough. She will often get really distracted outside and if you add in some really annoying and nosy neighbors and their barking dogs, it's a recipe for frustration on my part. It's really important that she learn this because I won't always be able to walk her. I feel like she's definitely gotten better but two months later, we're still struggling with it.


Overall, Alice is a great puppy and I'm super happy with her progress. She's fitting into our lives almost seamlessly. I'm really happy that Zoe has finally accepted her into our family and I love how much Phoenix plays with her. Alice is the perfect friend for Phoenix. They play and cuddle all day in a way that she never did with Zoe. She's brought out so much puppy in Phoenix. It's been so fun to watch them! 

I post a lot of videos over on my instagram, so I would recommend following us there for more frequent updates: @zoepheedogs


  1. I'm SO happy that Zoe has made such great progress with Alice. I totally understand the potty training part. McKenzie Rae was a stray, so potty training with her was more difficult. Alice is a rock star, and you're an amazing mom/trainer, so I'm sure she'll get it in no time!

  2. this is such wonderful news! I didn't know about Alice until now, congratulations!! She has a super pretty face! So happy that overall everything is going well. Hang in there, Dakota was 8 months old when he came to live with us and was used to having a doggy door/run when he had to potty. Then, he moved in with us on the second floor of an apartment building and had to learn to let us know when he had to go. It took longer than I ever expected it to and I was so frustrated and there were MANY accidents, but once he finally learned, everything was great!

  3. Dear Alice,

    Welcome to your forever family! This is a very exciting time! It took me a long time to decide that Ojo was okay, but I'll let you in on a secret - I love her. I let her sleep beside me, and if any other other Dog messes with her they then have to deal with ME! I am glad your family is starting to warm up to you too!

    Keep working on your tricks! Your people will love you forever regardless of how many tricks you can do, BUT more tricks equals more treats! Just sayin'.

    Welcome to blogville, new friend!



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