Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bully Sticks on Tasty Tuesday!

Every year for Gotcha days, the girls either get a pig's ear or a bully stick. This year they got bully sticks!

Usually, I will crate them when they get special treats, but they separated from each other without our direction. Phoenix went to her bed and Zoe went to ours. They did awesome and did not bother each other while they were having it. 

We got our bully sticks from a local pet store called Bark Avenue. We usually buy the 36" one and cut it ourselves, it comes out cheaper that way. :D

Do you get your dog something special for his/her birthday? Comment below. :D


  1. Yummy, enjoy those birthday treats! My pawty is tonight....I think Mom made me a cake!

  2. Bully Sticks are fabulous birthday treats! I get a pigs ear once a year, on Christmas. Yum!

  3. Happy Gotcha DAY :-) Great way to celebrate. Enjoy! Golden Woofs

  4. Happy Gotcha Day pals! Aren't bully sticks the best treat ever? Oooooh yeah!

  5. Happy gotcha day! Bully sticks are a huge hit here, and we do something special on birthdays and gotcha days as well.


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