Monday, February 2, 2015

Dognapped by the DogFather!

The "DogFather" dognapped us in the name of this weird thing called "exercise"!!! 

Remember my post on Fitdog Friday about my husband taking the dogs to the park? Here's their mischief post! :D

We ran off from the DogFather to see if we could find Mommy!

Then we figured out that Mommy wasn't there!

 We went back to the DogFather because he has cookies!

 We ate some grass, too!

 ...and then we ran away again! 
That will teach our silly DogFather to take us places without Mommy!

Disclaimer: No dogs were harmed in the making of this blog post. The dogs didn't actually run away they just had zoomies and this is a safe area for them to play.

Do you let your significant other (or anyone else) ever walk your dogs?


  1. When we lived in the city, we had a dog walker for Hailey 2 mornings a week. Hailey has been walked by some friends too. Of course when we went on our trip in November, my parents had the pleasure of walking both.

    Looks like your two had a great time at the park!

  2. I'm glad the DogFather brought cookies! My parents are the only other people who walk Barley--and it's only if I'm out of town. Barley doesn't take kindly to someone taking her away from me--if I have someone hold her leash while I run into the bathroom at a park, she'll cry and then start kangaroo hopping as soon as I come back into sight. (It's a good thing we passed the supervised separation part of the CGC test when we did because it would never happen now!) It's so funny and cute that it's hard to work on training her not to do that :)

  3. hahaha!!! I was wondering what this mischief was all about. It seems our significant others just can't handle the dogs the way we can huh? BOL!!!
    My hub never walks the dogs. That is allllllllll me!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  4. Looks like lots of fun even if you were dognapped!! At least there was fun and cookies to be had. My guys feel the same way when their doggy daddy takes them without me!!

  5. Ha! We have a similar situation if Dad tries to take us places. We listen much better to Mom!

  6. The dogfather is even a good photographer!!!!! It looks like the girls had lots of fun!!

    My husband and I share the care of our pups so we both take them for hikes. The one thing we've learned is very bad is for one of us to take both dogs for a hike when the other of us is somewhere else in the forest. We had a near-disaster in that situation once, when the dogs ran away from my husband to try to track me down (I was doing some wildlife work so I couldn't take a dog with me). It was scary! Now, in that situation, the dogs are always on leash.

  7. What a good dogfather! Takes the kids to the park and even takes pics for the blog!! And cute pics too!

  8. Allegiance can always be bought with cookies!

  9. Looks like they had a blast. Lucky pups. I guess in the end it didn't matter who took them. :)


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