Saturday, May 2, 2015

Huckleberry Wilderness

Yesterday we went hiking with my friend. The girls had a great time and even got some off leash running in. The trails were pretty deserted and it was really fun. I think everybody liked it!

The dogs had a great time running around on all of the fallen trees.

Phoenix posed on the top of the cliffs at the lookout point. Beyond this cliff was a beautiful field full of flowers. There wasn't a safe point for me to photograph them, though. It was recommended online to stay off the bluff trail so we didn't try to go down it. The girls are like mountain goats, though and they were fine. I know it looks really dangerous but right behind Phoenix is a little hill not a huge drop off.

The trail is considered "moderate" and I figured out why after a couple of miles. At first it was pretty meandering and you're just wandering through old growth forest with some stream crossings and rock hopping then it just starts going up and up and up. I don't really like doing gain hikes but it was more fun on the way back down. LOL!

Zoe was stuck on the leash for a while. She can be naughty around prey animals and she's generally a free spirit wanting to make her own paths. We wanted to make sure she was really "with us" before letting her do her thing. It worked out well and on the way back we ended up letting her go. She did listen to us while also doing her own thing so it was fine.

Phoenix was off the leash for most of the hike. She loves running up and down the trail between us and she's totally fine being loose. She actually did pretty amazing! On the way back to the car we came across two large off leash dogs and she passed them by with no issues and she didn't even get snarky when the one dog was being pushy. I am very proud of her!

There were so many beautiful wild flowers!

The trail got a little crazy, sort of off the side of this mountain and then there was another trail that went straight up so we decided to turn back and call it day. We probably did 6-ish miles but I can't be for sure because I couldn't get my gps to work. After our hike we had a nice picnic lunch but I didn't take any photos of it.

So that was our little hiking trip. I hope you're all having a great weekend!


  1. Wow! What brilliant greens in those pictures! And the girls are adorable as always, of course--I love the one of them running on the log! Glad you were feeling good enough to get a great hike in.

    1. Yeah it was really fun! Of course today, I feel like I've been run over and have hip dysplasia! Just a sign that I absolutely need to do incline hikes more often. LOL

  2. You are so lucky to have such wonderful trails.

  3. OMD, that is sooooooo beautifuls!!! Zoe, I would be stuck on leash the whole time....I tend to misbehave! BOL I sure am glads you guys had a great hike!!
    Oooooo, you guys had SNACKS too?! Well then, THAT makes it pawfect!!
    Ruby ♥

  4. Oh WOW!!! What a stunning area!!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  5. Wow that's such a crazy photo opportunity on the cliff (and I got nervous just looking at it) but once you said there's a hill behind it it all made sense. Such gorgeous photos; and what a lovely forest setting. In comparison the woods around here in Michigan right now are still recovering from the winter so they're pretty much all brown stubs lol. Nothing like the beautiful lushness you have there. That does indeed look like a crazy challening trail, but so much adventure none the less. And of course you've got Phoenix making it looks super easy running around - dogs really are amazing athletes.

  6. That looks like a lovely place to hike. The sideways trail looks crazy. I would not do that one either. :)


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