Friday, May 1, 2015

Allergies Suck

This week was kind of a bummer for fitness. I mentioned yesterday that I haven't been feeling that great. My husband and I have both been having really bad allergy attacks. It's Portland and every flower here is blooming. It hasn't been that fun. At first I thought I was getting a cold but now I'm pretty sure it's allergies. I haven't been sleeping and it's just been crappy. When I don't sleep I have no desire to get up with my husband to share the car so we can go to the big park.

Not going to Thousand Acres isn't that big of a deal. It's actually very good for Phoenix to get breaks. If we go too many days in a row she gets very overstimulated and stops using her brain. Getting a good break is also good for them because they are pretty extreme when we go out there. They are racing each other, jumping over fences and down trees, swimming and doing all sorts of crazy stuff. It's just go, go, go and if I let them they'd do it until they've dropped. Rest and recovery is pretty important for any fitness routine and luckily my dogs do not go too stir crazy on me.

So this week instead of a bunch of trips to the big park, we stayed home and did some indoor fitness with the wobble board, did some trick training, went for a bunch of leash walks and visited the dog park in our apartment complex. The cool thing about my apartment complex is that they've provided some agility equipment and the girls enjoy using it. We played a few games of fetch at the dog park, too. I also very slightly reduced their food to make up for not getting to run free.

Today, allergies or no we are going hiking with my friend in Mt. Hood National Forest. So that should be really fun for the girls. We are going back to that awesome trail I found about two weeks ago. 

I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Mom is so thankful vitamin D keeps her allergies in check. If she hadn't found that tip in a magazine a few years ago, we probably could not do our tracking sports. She knows first hand how bad allergies can be. Hope you feel better and can enjoy your upcoming adventure.

  2. It's good to mix things up - adds more interest for the pups and the humans. Have fun on your hike today, hope the allergies get better!

  3. Sorry to hear that you're still feeling crummy! I'm glad that girls are good nurses and are patient with you. Barley gives me about 36 hours to veg out before she's trying to shove me out of bed. Hope that you have a great hike today!

  4. That first photo is so cute Zoephee. Allergies are the worst! Hope you can get back to normal soon :)

  5. Vitamins C and D keep our human allergies at bay. Maybe they would help you. We know how awful we used to feel

  6. We're in Oregon, too, and I agree that pollen season has arrived! Phooey! Hope things get better for you soon.

  7. Have fun!! Feel better soon!

  8. Those darn allergies. Our things are just starting to bloom here so I suppose mine will be acting up soon. Enjoy Mt. Hood. Can't wait to hear all about it!

  9. I hope that your allergies let up. Around here, they don't hit until later - and both R and I suffer from them. So we can relate. I'm so glad that your dogs don't get crazy without intense exercise. Mine do!!!

    I hope that your hike today is fun!

  10. Yes we can agree that allergies suck!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  11. Have fun on your hike and hopefully your allergies ease up soon!

  12. Dear friends,

    Allergies do suck. But being outside is always amazing! We hope you had a pawesome day!



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