Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Our Favorite Training Treats

Phoenix is patiently waiting for her treat!

It's time for the Positive Pet Training Blog Hop and it's also Tasty Tuesday! This month's theme for the PR Blog hop was "reviews" and I decided to share some of our favorite training treats. We do a lot of training and it's important to have treats that dogs absolutely love. It makes the training go by so much faster and they are more motivated to learn.

Our top 5 favorite training treats are as follows:

#1 is Zuke's "Mini Naturals" You can find our full review here.
These are amazing treats. They make my life so easy and the dogs love them. I keep these on hand at all times.

#2 is Solid Gold "Tiny Tots" You can find the full review here.
These treats are a bit bigger than what I usually like to use but they are super stinky and easy to break apart.

#3 is Merrick "Power Bites" You can find the full review here.
This is our newest find and the dogs absolutely love these treats. They are tiny and they are the perfect size for us. I also love that they come in several different "flavors".

#4 is Orijen "Tundra Dog" You can find the full review here.
The girls loved these treats so much. The treats are a bit bigger than what I prefer but they broke apart easily and were super smelly. The girls went crazy for them.

#5 is Look Who's Happy "Happy Wraps" and there jerky. You can find the full reviews here and here.
Technically these are not marketed as training treats but they are amazing and I cut them into smaller pieces. The girls love these treats and work really hard for them.

So there you have it! Those are our top 5 training treats. I like to keep a bunch of different treats on hand because my girls love the variety. They are never sure what kind of treat they are going to get and they are more easily motivated when I switch things up.

Does your dog have a favorite training treat? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks to the hosts Cascadian Nomads, Rubicon Days and Tenacious Terrier! Be sure to stop by their blogs and check them out and the other awesome posts this month!


  1. Thanks for joining the hop! Did you add your link? It's not showing up in the list - just want to make sure everyone sees your awesome post!

    The Ginger Sisters went NUTS for those Merrick Power Bites - I'm going to be buying those regularly. I also use the Orijen Tundra treats as a topper for their kibble - they each get 3-5 treats crumbled on top of their food. It's my own raw boost kibble trick!

  2. We have tried - and absolutely adore - the Origen treats. Mmmm. We like the duck ones.


  3. LOL, we have all of those in our sports bags and for training at home. Good stuff!

  4. yummy- we love Bullwrinkles/Barnsdale Farms too plus fresh vegies and homemade.

  5. zukes are popular in our house. Hailey thinks any treat is a good one. Phod likes meat treats.

  6. Great list! I've only tried the Zuke's out of those, and was just feeling bad for my dogs that I'm down to the minis. I'll have to pick up a few of those others!

  7. My guys love the PowerBites. They stink to high heaven, but if I'm doing something really difficult the dogs like The Honest Kitchen's Quickies (yes, they're actually called that :p).

  8. Your faves are my faves too! The one other that I add is using Orijen Fish kibble as a treat. Shyla adores it as much as any kind of treat. And, it turns out to be pretty economical.

  9. Awesome training treats!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  10. Power Bites have been also been a big hit here. The cat likes them too and treats that can be shared make my life SO much easier. I have never tried those Orijen ones but I love that company so I'll have to look for them at our natural pet shop. Thanks for joining the hop!

  11. I still need to try the Orijen treats. They typically have such great products. Great list!

  12. Those are all great choices and many are among brown dawgs favorites.


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