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Andis Grooming Tools Review

Hi everyone! I hope you are all having an awesome day! Today we are reviewing some new grooming tools from Andis. Andis is an American-based company that provides high quality grooming tools for both pets and people. I've been using their products since I began my grooming career back in 2004! Since it's Spring and coming up on Summer I was so excited for the opportunity to try some new grooming tools out on my girls. Zoe has more of a double coat than Phoenix and she blows it out at least twice a year. If I don't keep up with the brushing there will be hair everywhere!

We received our new grooming tools in exchange for an honest review.

 Premium Deshedding Tool

The Premium Deshedding tool is supposed to help reduce shedding up to 90% with it's specifically designed blades while leaving an undamaged top coat. It features an ergonomic handle which helps to reduce hand fatigue.

This tool does have deshedding "blades" that run through the middle of the tool. It can cut your pet's hair if you don't use it with the grain of the coat. I would not recommend using this against the grain. Zoe's hair grows funny on her neck and the tool did end up cutting some of her neck hair off. It was totally my fault for using the tool incorrectly, however, we do like the way she looks with less hair there!  I would also recommend being cautious in the sensitive areas of your pet, like the armpits and tuck up. This tool is a great tool for removing all the loose dead undercoat. Tons of hair will come out so I would recommend doing a de-shed outside or in an area that you can easily sweep or vacuum. This tool is great for double coated breeds but I would not use it on breeds with super thick and long double coats.

Breeds I probably wouldn't use this on: Great pyrenees, samoyed, newfies, eskimos, pomeranians. (It might be okay on the less thick areas of the coat, like the legs but on the thickest parts of the coat the tool will probably tug, and cut the hair. Been there, done that with a similar deshedding tool) If you have one of these breeds and would like a deshedding tool recommendation feel free to either comment below or shoot me an email.

Andis DeShedding Tool In Action - YouTube

Small trash can almost completely full with Zoe's hair

I really like this tool! It did a great job removing the undercoat on Zoe and I also used it on Phoenix even though she has more of a single short coat. It did not cause any skin irritation, even after repeated use and I press harder than the average pet owner. This would be a great option for many breeds and I would recommend it to my fellow dog groomers and pet owners alike. Just remember to use a light touch, go with the grain and you'll be fine. I also appreciated that the tool was designed with reducing hand fatigue in mind. I have nerve damage in my wrist from 11 years worth of grooming and I often have pain. I was able to easily deshed Zoe without my wrist hurting. So that's a major plus. 

Premium Soft Tooth Slicker Brush

The Premium Soft Tooth Slicker brush features bent wire bristles that help to remove undercoat and prevent matting. It's supposed to stimulate the hair follicles to promote growth and healthier hair. The brush has an ergonomic designed handle to help prevent hand fatigue for all day use in the grooming salon.

I primarily use slicker brushes on my dogs as a "finishing" tool. To remove any loose hairs that remain after I'm done deshedding and to smooth over the top coat. I chose the soft slicker because of my dog's hair type. They also have a hard tooth slicker available as well and that's a great option if you have a dog with a super thick coat or any dogs with long or short single drop coats (poodle, maltese, lhasa, shih tzu type breeds). 

Both girls enjoyed being brushed with this slicker brush and they thought they were getting a massage and really leaned into it. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has a dog with longer hair. It didn't work as well on Phoenix due to her coat being so short but with her we mostly use a rubber brush, anyways. I was able to brush out her neck with it, though! So if your dog has a double coat or a single long or short drop coat this brush would be very helpful.

"After Shot" of Zoe from using both of the above grooming tools!

You can kind of see where I accidentally gave her a bald spot on her neck. Oops! That's okay, though! It shows off her pretty collar better. :D

Premium Nail Clippers - Small

The premium nail clippers features heavy duty steel blades, a safety stop to prevent over cutting and ergonomic handles to help prevent hand fatigue. They come in two sizes: Large and Small. For my medium sized dogs I chose the small clipper. I was so happy to receive new nail clippers! Nail clippers do go dull over time, especially if you accidentally get dog hair between the blades and we were desperately in need of a new pair. These are super sharp which is extremely important for cutting nails. They went through the nail like butter which was a relief for both me and my dogs. They do come with a safety stop but I don't recommend using it. It makes it harder to see what you're doing. We actually ended up unscrewing the nail clipper and taking it off, which is pretty easy to do and took less than two minutes.

With any purchase of nail clippers I recommend also purchasing a bottle of styptic powder. Styptic powder helps to stop bleeding if you accidentally cut the quick (vein in the nail) or nick the quick. If you do accidentally cut the quick, pour the styptic powder into the cap of the bottle and press your dogs nail into the powder firmly. Repeat as necessary until the bleeding stops. You can also apply more pressure with your finger but the styptic powder usually stops the bleeding immediately. You just want to pack it up into the nail.

Phoenix's nails BEFORE clipping.
Phoenix's nails AFTER clipping. They are also slightly dremeled.

I am very happy with all of the tools I received and I would highly recommend checking Andis out!

Disclosure: ZoePhee received the Andis Grooming Tools in exchange for an honest review. We were not monetarily compensated and I only share information I feel is relevant to my readers. Reviews are always 100% honest and all the opinions are my own. Andis is not responsible for the content of this blog post.


  1. Thanks for the great review and sharing it on the hop. I cannot believe all of that hair came out of Zoe. You would think she was a golden New sharp nail clippers are the best!

  2. These sound like great tools! I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter what tools I used, though, Barley's always going to look a little weird--she just doesn't have the patience for grooming even if there are lots of treats involved. I'm lucky to get a small portion of her done before she's over it and off to do something else, so she always looks a little lopsided ;)

    1. The girls don't really enjoy grooming, either. They give me sad face when I break out the tools. Except for on their necks. They both enjoy being brushed around their necks.

  3. I'm a bad dog owner, I don't brush my dogs. I suppose I'd have less vacuuming if I brushed.:-) I do clip Delilah's nails though, and I use a clipper with a guard. I feel like the guard keeps me from going too close since her nails are dark and I cannot see the quick.

    Sampson's nails are light and his quick is long and sensitive so I don't clip his nails myself, I take him to have them done. Do you have any recommendations for a dog like Sampson? It makes me so nervous to clip them and I have made him bleed more than once. (I use a Q-tip and wet it, dip it in the powder and have it ready just in case.)

    Thank you for joining the blog hop!!

    1. If he would tolerate a dremel it might be easier on him but a lot of dogs don't like the dremel either.

      I read a really awesome article this morning that you might find helpful:

      In the article they talk about how to trim around the quick. With my girls I just take a tiny bit off at time and then when the fleshy part of the nail starts to show, I stop and then dremel them very slightly.

  4. I use a rake almost like that for my Aussie mixes. Man alive do they shed. I brush them on the back porch about once a week.

  5. Mom usually combs us out and dad grinds our nails off. Stanley really likes getting a pedi. I barely tolerate it. Nice post though cuz grooming in impawtent!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. Those sound amazing! I need a new slicker brush for Pike, so thanks for the great review! What do you think on the de-shedding tool for his coat type (aussie, though he has a stock/working coat vs a show)? He's finally slowing down with blowing his coat, but holy crap there is dog hair EVERYWHERE.

  7. Wow, who knew little old you could shed that much!!! Are you part husky? hahahaha!
    These sound like great grooming tools. I am always on the lookout for grooming supplies. With 3 huskies, grooming is an every day event!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!


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