Monday, November 9, 2015

Too Tired for Mischief & Nosework Fun with Identity V+E!

Zoe says, snooze!! ZZZZzzzz

We had a very busy weekend and both of the girls are just too tired for mischief! On Thursday night we went to dinner at my friend's house and Zoe got to visit with her best buddy, Marley. Sadly, I didn't get any photos. It was just too dark.

Here's an old photo of Marley & Zoe

Then on Friday, I went to a nosework trial with my friend Lia from Identity V+E and her fabulous pup, Riko. While I was at noswork, my husband took the girls to the big park to play.

Riko and Me! Photo Credit: Identity V+E

I'm so glad that Riko liked me! He's so cute and funny! He really wanted to snuggle even though his mom was telling him to get back! LOL! (My face looks grumpy but I was actually really tired and sick with a cold in this photo!)

Riko got 2nd and 3rd place at both of his trials! Congrats to him and his mom! 

Photo Credit: Identity V+E

After nosework, Lia and Riko came over to my place and stayed the night. Here's Riko making friends with my husband for some spaghetti! :D My husband was very taken with Riko. He and I are both huge fans of the malinois breed and we loved having Lia and Riko over. The way Riko's mind works was fascinating to me. I was so excited for a chance to work with such an amazing dog. Lia let me do some shaping (clicker training) with him and it was so fun.

Phoenix resting after a long weekend.

We had a fantastic weekend! There was some mischief with Phoenix. She and Zoe were a little stressed out with Riko in the house. They are not used to sharing their space, so we kept them separated and at one point we did have a little bit of a lunge and screech from Phee at Riko (they were both on leash) but they did really well other than that. We also had mischief with my cat, Pandora who kept trying to escape from the bedroom. Overall though everyone did so well!


  1. The Mals are awesome dogs, but they need the right owners or they can be trouble. We are always frustrated by them as they typically clean up all the speed rewards at nose work trials.

    1. I absolutely agree with you, Emma! I bet they do frustrate you at your trials! Riko found one of his hides in 5 seconds! It was amazing!

  2. My husband would be so jealous! He's been trying to talk me into getting a mal for years! I'm weakening.

    1. I absolutely love Riko and the breed but if you're going to get one you need to have a plan in mind. They never stop. He came into our house and even though I had managed the environment very well and had put everything away, he still found a toy I missed and two cat toys. He also noticed everything and found my husband's action figures that were up high and told us they were toys as well. These dogs have to have a job, they need to be busy all the time and they need someone who's willing to train and work them. The way his mind worked was fascinating and I really did enjoy my time with him, though!

  3. That sounds so fun!!! I love Mals. Bit too mouthy for me, though!

  4. Good work girls and we know its not always easy to get those photos! Love Dolly

  5. Wow, that does sound like a busy, fun, tiring weekend. Sorry to hear you have a cold too! That pic of Zoe and her friend is so cute!


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