Saturday, July 12, 2014

Tutorial - How to shave your dog's feet

Recently a friend of mine got a poodle puppy and was asking me about grooming. I was having a hard time explaining how I do poodle feet over chatting so I decided to make a tutorial. Obviously my dogs are not poodles and I didn't actually shave my dog's feet like you would for a poodle but I did show the technique I use and shaved the pads of my dog's feet.

For safety reasons, I never recommend using shears/scissors anywhere near the pads of the feet. Shears/scissors are only appropriate for the tops of the feet and rounding the feet. 

This tutorial would be good for anyone who needs to shave their dog's feet. It does not matter what breed they are. Sometimes even short-haired dogs need their feet done. When we lived in Oregon, Zoe used to get paw infections from the wet grass and I would have to medicate them.

This is my first time actually talking to the camera so I was a little nervous. I promise I will get better at it.

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