Monday, February 15, 2016

Mani/Pedi Snuggles!


The girls were due for a nail trim so I figured I'd share a photo of how I do Zoe's front nails. She's been trained to do an upside down settle in my lap and I give her an empty tub of peanut butter (the safe kind with no xylitol). Then when I'm done with her front ones, I let her get up and clip the back ones while she's standing. She's really good about it and she loves getting some snuggles between paws!

Phoenix does not like nail trims and thinks she's being tortured. I've been trying to work on it but I won't allow their nails to get long so I haven't gotten very far with trying to counter condition it. Mostly with Phoenix we just clip them as quickly as possible and have a treat party after it's over.

I'm hoping to eventually introduce the dremel back in but they both hate it and I need a new one.

How are your dogs with their nail trims?


  1. Bailie and Katie don't mind a bit, I'm a bit more picky, but don't need mine done as often as my groomer dremels them down pretty well when I'm there.

  2. Such a happy way to trim nails! Have a great Awww Monday!

  3. We have a torture session where we can only do a few at a time with Hailey. This is the improvement from when she would see the clippers she would freak out! Phod's nails stay short with all his running etc. so we rarely have to cut them.

  4. The girls don't love it, but they will cooperate. Luke won't let me do it at all...I'm actually looking for a new way to approach it. For a while I let him lick peanut butter off a plate and that worked, but now he won't even go for that (he pretty much completely freaks out). It's very frustrating and worrisome because his nails are getting long.

  5. Some are great about it, Abby strongly dislikes it, but Kori...hates it and believes we are torturing her. Not sure why she has the reaction, but she has a deep aversion to nail trimming.

  6. Dad uses a grinder on ours but we will mention this peanut butter payoff!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. Awww, so cute. We trained Little Bit to do that very upside down thing for several reasons. Once they get the idea of how it makes things easier it's all good. Too cute.

    Have a woof woof day. ☺

  8. I use the peanut butter jar method, too! You know Nola's CC journey with nail cutting, and everyone else is perfectly fine with it. I freaking love my dremel.

  9. Aw...I am scared to death of trimming nails for the pets. You are all such experts. Love the peanut butter idea. Thanks for sharing. enjoy a wonderful week.

  10. Crikey ... I'm missing out here! You give Zoe and Phee peanut butter??? I'm coming to your house for my next nail trim. I'm ok about it now? I HATED having my nails clipped but mum bought a dremmel and now I just lay back and let her go for it. I still won't let her use those clipping things though.


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