Thursday, May 7, 2015

Ruffwear "Summit Trex" Dog Boots Review


Hi everyone! I hope you're all having an awesome day! Today we are reviewing "Summit Trex" Dog Boots from Ruffwear. Ruffwear is an amazing company that makes high quality gear for dogs. We've done a review for them in the past and I'm a huge fan of their products. Their customer service is wonderful and their shipping is very fast. Our boots arrived the next day! I received the boots in exchange for an honest review but I was not monetarily compensated.

Zoe has a major allergy problem in the rainy season. Her paws get very irritated from walking in the wet mucky grass. I always dry them when we come inside but it wasn't enough to keep her feet from getting inflamed and ouchy. Our vet recommended washing her feet with a mild antibacterial soap and then rinsing them out really well every time she comes inside. We've done that but it's a huge hassle and her paws were still getting irritated. The next best option to help her was to get boots. We've tried several pairs of boots from two different big box pet stores and she's hated both of them. They were too big and clunky. A lot of the time she would refuse to walk. I decided to try the Ruffwear boots because they are fitted to the dog's paw and if you have a dog like Zoe who's back paws are slightly smaller all you have to do is contact customer service. They will help you purchase a set of boots with two of them being the next size down to fit the back feet better.

About Summit Trex:
Summit Trex dog boots provide everyday traction and paw protection from extreme temperatures, abrasive surfaces, and salt or other snowmelt chemicals. The Ruffwear-designed outsole provides flexible traction while an integrated stretch gaiter protects legs and locks out dirt and debris.

  • Protects dogs' paws from exposure to new environments: extreme temperatures, abrasive surfaces, and snowmelt chemicals
  • Traction is improved with flexible, non-marking, high-mileage outsole
  • Integrated stretch gaiter protects leg and locks out dirt and debris
  • Moisture and debris stay out via weather-resistant upper
  • Enhanced visibility with reflective trim
  • Fits a wide range of paw sizes
  • Single Boots are available for purchase
 The boots are machine washable on a gently cycle in cold water and they should be air dried.

We tested these boots for about a month and I'm really impressed with them. They kept Zoe's paws completely dry and they didn't fall off. They are bit tougher to get on than other boots because they are so fitted to the dog's foot. Zoe is pretty cooperative and doesn't fight me so once they are on properly and cinched down they stay on. Zoe was able to do all of her normal activities while wearing the boots and she did not seem uncomfortable in them. She didn't refuse to walk in them like other boots we've tried. She was able to run and play with Phoenix like normal.

I think these would be great out on trails with abrasive surfaces or in the snow. These boots would also be good if you live in a really hot climate and need to protect your dog's feet from hot asphalt. 

Overall I thought these boots were great and I'm very happy with them. I would definitely recommend checking them out and all of the other awesome products that Ruffwear has.

ZoePhee was provided with a set of Summit Trex boots from Ruffwear in exchange for an honest review. I was not monetarily compensated and Ruffwear is not responsible for the content of this blog post. 



  1. I will not permit mom to read this cuz I would lose my mind if she tried to put boots on me. Now Stanley, he would probably want to wear them!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. We love our ruffwear boots! They helped Dante to be able to hike the south sister last summer, without them he couldn't have gone because of all the lava rock and pumice stone. We actually put toddler socks on his feet inside the boots to help keep all the icky dust out and they did great!

  3. Ruffwear is one of our favorite manufacturers and we really like the quality of their gear. Another good use for boots like these is when your dog gets a foot injury. Boots will help keep wounds clean and dry. We just had to do this with our foster dog.

  4. We love Ruffwear. Zoe looks adorable in her boots! Glad they've helped her.

  5. Would these boots be the same ones you would use for winter and summer? I'm just curious because I bought my dogs boots for winter but I'm thinking they might be too warm for summer.

    Thank you for joining the blog hop!

    1. My friend has a pair of these for her dog and they live and hikes in the desert so I'm sure they would be fine for the summer! They hike through really rough terrain on sharp rocks so her dog has to wear them or he will cut his paws. :)

  6. Those look like a great solution to dealing with Zoe's allergies. They look great on her too. Thanks for sharing on the hop!

  7. These sound great! I tried boots for my huskies one winter because sometimes here in Canada it gets so cold that even they can't handle it on their paws. They didn't like the boots, but these sound like they are more comfortable than the ones I had.
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  8. We got a set for Shyla this winter, and she disliked them less than any other type. We're about to try them out on slickrock, and imho, that's the ultimate test of how sturdy they are!!! Glad that they've helped Zoe!


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