Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Zoe's Embark DNA Test (not sponsored) - Zoe & Phoenix related!?

We were finally able to get a DNA TEST for Zoe! We've been wondering for years what breed mixes she is and now we know!
We have DNA tested all of our dogs through Embark. They have some of the best reviews and are more accurate than some of the other tests on the market. 

Zoe's results make a lot of sense to us. She's super smart, sensitive and very controlling. She also loves hunting small critters. 
We also found out some really exciting news! Zoe and Phoenix are related! They share about 60% of the same DNA, which according to Embark means they are either siblings or mother and pup. I am assuming they are most likely siblings.


We were also super excited to find out that she and Phoenix are related. We've been wondering for years about it. When I introduced them to each other at the shelter, they seemed to already have known each other and became fast friends! They both came from Klamath Falls and have a similar look. It's our most asked question! 

If anyone would like to save money on their own Embark DNA test, I do have a coupon code: 
Let us know if you end up getting a test for your dog and what your results are!


  1. Wow! To think that your two girls (well, two of the three) could be siblings in blood as well as in spirit! Thanks for sharing the news. Hope all continues well with you and your family.

    Chris from Boise

  2. Oh my goodness, that's so exciting and not surprising based on their past, similar appearance and great relationship. So awesome. I love Embark.

  3. That is super cool!!!!! I hope that you're healthy and so is the rest of your family!


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